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Our Temporary Home

We have made it, finally, to the little Himalayan mountain town we will be calling home for the next 4/5 months at minimum. The town i called Bagsu, but it is basically a suburb of the more commonly known Daramshala. Fortunately for us, the doctor Dan will be studying under was able to find and reserve a cute little apartment for us in advance that is very near our school. Its simple but charming. Were on the top floor of a meditation center. We have one bedroom with an attached bath and a living space/kitchen with another bathroom. Also there is a lovely private balcony across the front of the apartment will epic views of the Himalayas. We sit out there and watch monkeys, large herds of mountain goats, and can get a glimpse of a snow covered Himalayan peak.


Ryah making a mess in the kitchen

Ryah making a mess in the kitchen

view from balcony

view from balcony

The family we are renting from lives right next door and have a little boy named Ion that is Ryahs age. Although the two don’t speak the same language, they have had no trouble being instant best friends. Its amazing how well the can communicate and are teaching each other their native languages in the process. There is a nice courtyard area in between our apartments along with a garden that the two run around in freely. In typical Indian style, the family we are renting from also has many relatives living in there apartment/home (its huge, 3 stories) including grandmother, sisters, so there is always someone watching or playing with the kiddos. Such a nice feeling to have so much help.


Ion attends the local international school where his mother is also a teacher. Today our family is going to see the school to see if it might be a good fit for Ryah.  The curriculum is taught in both English and Hindi and there are many other westerner children attending so it seems it might just work our well for Ryah. Plus she is very excited about the prospect. Updates on that to come!

Other than that we are just getting settled in, and discovering our new local community.