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About US

So a little about us and what we are hoping to accomplish. We are a nomadic family of 4, consisting of My travel RN, adventure loving husband  Dan, my high energy 3 year old wild child Ryah, the newest addition, 7 month old Neko, and myself, a  stay at home (wherever that may be at the time), attachment parenting mama.  Were getting ready to leave our current residence of the past 6 months, Naples FL and have just purchased one way tickets to India! Dan will be doing an Ayurveda practitioner program and I will be doing my 200 RYT training at Ayuskama Ayurveda Clinic in Dharamshala, India. http://www.ayuskama.com/  We opted for one way tickets for this adventure because were not sure how long we will stay in India or where we are heading next. To find out, stay tuned…

As we prepare for this next big adventure I feel its time to start sharing and documenting or adventures in travels.  My hope is  someone will read it and get a kick out of us, and if not, at least our kids will have something to look back on and help them remember once upon time.

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9 thoughts on “About US

  1. Can’t wait to read about all of your adventures! Miss you all!

  2. I think what you are doing is amazing!! Thanks for sharing!

    So many parts of me would love to live the way you do, but for me, fear of the unknown gets in the way-I’m sure that comes from my upbringing, but I think you are truly truly living this short life to its fullest!
    Enjoy, be safe, and I wish you well!

    • Fear is part of the reason I enjoy living outside of America so much. It comes at us from every angle, especially mainstream media. I personally believe those are poison to the mind and should be avoided. Here are some alternatives I enjoy; NPR and BBC. Once you get out in the world and have the opportunity to immerse your self in a different culture for longer than a week or two; I soon realized that America is a very fearful and unfriendly culture (generalizing so to speak). After all, America is the only place in the world I know that has people walking into schools, movie theaters, and other public places on a shooting rampage and serial killers. You live close to a major city in America that has more violent crimes than the hole country of India. That is saying a lot since there is 1.2 billion people in this country. Ultimately, I am just saying you have too check it out and get your feet wet. The first steps are always the hardest ones, when going outside of your comfort zone.

  3. Good luck, and stay safe in your travels.

    Love to all,

    Fred, Bess and Mamie

  4. Looks like you guys are having an awesome time! I love reading all about your adventures, and seeing pics of course! Let us know when you’re all settled in the new place and we can figure out a FaceTime date.
    Hugs to you all from the Nitti’s

  5. Hello ! I like your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster award.Please check out this link-
    Happy Blogging!

  6. Hi guys! Finally had time to check your blog. We met on Pigeon Island in Sri Lanka:) Hope all is well and good luck on your journey!!!

    • Thank you….Thank you. It is always a pleasure to meet another family traveling the world and pushing the boundaries of the family dynamic. Just visited your blog and thoroughly enjoyed it. Stay in touch and your always welcome to join us in the Philippines for awhile. Travel light and enjoy the trip!!!

      • Would love to make it to the Philippines. I regret that we didn’t include it on our itinerary. One day we will make it:) I am a certified yoga teacher, so I am interested in how your business is going to go. Will keep you company.

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