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Fare thee Well Beloved Himalayas


As our time in Incredible India has came to an end, I feel a blog entry is far overdue. We have been living, learning and loving in Bhagsu, India for the past 5 months. A majority of my time has been dedicated to my yoga teacher training program. What started out as me just planning on doing my 200 hour registered yoga teacher training program, evolved into me sticking around and completing the 500 hour advanced training program, with the encouragement and support of Dan. I am so grateful he pushed me to make the decision to continue on in my training, as the level of my yogic understanding, overall health, and confidence has dramatically improved. Plus I feel so much more connected and present than ever before in my life, which is such a precious gift to have received. I am so grateful for the experiences I’ve had, friends I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned at Kailash Tribal Yoga School.


My yoga teacher Yogi Sividas. So grateful for all I learned from this incredible teacher. Learn more about his courses and teachings at http://www.yogatribe.org/ Highly, highly recommend!

Dan has focused his time here in the Himalayas completing an Ayurvedic Practitioner program focused on disease management, prevention, massage, nutrition, Panchakarma treatment and so much more. I’ll get him to write a post specifically on his studies some time soon though, because it expands so much deeper than I can adequately explain. He also has an incredible story to share about his own personal Panchakarma treatment. He has experienced profound weight loss and overall health improvement results from this program and I am so very proud of him!


As far as the kiddos go, I believe they have grown and learned an incredible amount in their time here. Ryah made her first friend (Aini) who I’m sure our Facebook followers have seen many pics of of the two of them being that they were basically joined at the hip 😉 she also had the opportunity to attend a lovely Montessori school where she developed some basic writing skills, learned songs, and most importantly began to experience being independent from mom and dad (tear). Also being that we have been living in the mountainous Himalayas our tiny little 3.5 year old has became an incredible little hiker. It blows my mind her physical stamina and exuberance for climbing this big hills. I honestly think her current endurance would far exceed most adults I know (including my own at times!). Such a strong little thing!


Neko has had a few milestones of his own. He sprouted his first few teeth, had his first birthday party, learned to wave hi and bye, say his first few words, and stand on his own. He his such a happy little guy and we are loving seeing his joyous and gentle personalty unfold. Oh and he also got his first head shaving!


From India we are now headed for a two holiday to one of our bucket list locations, Sri Lanka! We are all so excited about this adventure and are looking forward to having some down time to connect as a family. Top things on our Sri Lanka to do list include…

1. Attend an elephant gathering

2.Do some whale watching (hoping to spot a blue whale! Anothr bucket list for myself)

3. Take a train ride in Kandy through the tea plantations

4. Release baby sea turtles

5. and of course play in the Indian Ocean

After our two weeks in Sri Lanka we will be heading to Camiguin Island , Philippines for who knows how long? Were gong to see how island life treats us and go from there. I am however hoping the Philippines has better internet service than Indian so we can get back to regularly  posting on our blog and providing yall with more regular reads and updates on our adventures.

Until Next time, all our love


Kari (Yogini Adya) This is my yogini name given to me from my yoga teacher/guru Mr, Yogi Sividas. It mean the first; mother earth and I kind of love it.


Our little Indian apartment in the Himalayas.






8 thoughts on “Fare thee Well Beloved Himalayas

  1. Sounds amazing you guys! Such a wonderful life you guys have and are giving to your children. Love yas and miss you all! Maybe your mom and dad will plan a trip to the Philippines, and ask us to join! That would be an amazing trip! Xo

    • Kim of course you all are welcome anytime! We would love to have you in the Philippines! Hopefully we will be settled into a nice house in a couple weeks! I’m hoping my parents make it this winter 🙂 but yes, come! 😉

  2. So great to read your blog again! We love sharing your lives in this way. Although we miss you- we are very excited to see where life will take you. Not many of us have the guts to live the life we truly desire- it’s not about money or things- only when we simplify are we able to see what truly matters. You are loved! Ant Pam

  3. So great to receive your new post, Dan & Kari. Love reading about your experiences! Dave & I both appreciate the updates. Colleen

    P.s. Note that we I am no longer using the e -mail address of dcjac @comcast.net. New e-mail is: clyoungquist@ gmail.com

  4. As one adventure comes to an end, a new one has already begun, in Sri Lanka! Sending the four of you hugs and wishes for a happy time there and in the Philippines. Keep in touch (and don’t forget Guatemala in the spring 😉)

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