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Bhagsu Falls



Being that Ryah was in school the other day, and I happened to have the day off of yoga (or mommy school as Ryah calls it) Dan, Neko and I decided to hike to the top of Bhagsu falls. We figured only having one kid to carry up would be a much easier way to do it for our first time. So I tossed Neko on my back in the Tula and away we went.


Of course on our way there we had to stop and get a bit of yummy Indian street food. For the bargain price of about 1$ we got 1/2 dozen of these little potato type cakes. The street food here is SO SO good. Seriously, Im planning on writing an entire blog dedicated to the foods of the local region here, Yum! But anyways, we began hike up to the waterfall. On the way up you could see hundreds of local goats grazing and playing, and the goat herders sitting back relaxing on the step. We let the one goat herder hold Neko, he was a sweet smiley chap. While we were taking his picture we caused a minor traffic jam because every other tourist within 100 feet also had to come and do photo ops with baby Neko. His chubby cheeks, bald head and pale skin have made him a minor celebrity around these parts. Luckily his ego hast gotten too big yet šŸ˜‰

Neko with the local sheep hearder.

Neko with the local sheep hearder.


All of the prayer flags hanging up around the fallsĀ and theĀ Ā beautiful crystal clear pool at the bottom of the falls make it pretty magical .Two people total jumped in while we were up there, and we decided even though its freezing cold, next trip we HAVE to go in. You only live once, right? Also we decided mighty Ryah is strong enough to get her little butt up there as well.


Neko and I at the falls

Neko and I at the falls


Besides our mini hike up the mountain life has been moving along nicely and we are settling into our place. We just got new neighbors who are foreigners also traveling with two little kids similar in age to ours which is fantastic. Finding our rhythm and enjoying our space. Until Next time…

Ryah and our new neighbor Ainie. So cute!

Ryah and our new neighbor Ainie. So cute!

All our love


2 thoughts on “Bhagsu Falls

  1. Kari you are a wonderful writer and I am so enjoying your blog so glad all is gOing well
    Ryah is enjoying school I bet Grandpa Finn is doing fine and enjoying reading your adventures. I am going to Iceland in August. Love and hugs to all. Sally

  2. Love your blogs Dan & Kari! Keep them coming…….

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