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This Life is Preparation for the Next


There are many ways to interpret such a quote, but it is one at the forefront of my consciousness as my family and I are at the beginnings of an epic quest of life, love, laughter, and adventure. Of course, just having traveled 25 hrs with a 3 yr old and 9 month old; I know life is not just bubbles and bliss.

Since we became pregnant in 2010 (yes ladies, I said we…ask your partner what I mean) our lives of work a little, travel a little, worry and stress even less has drastically changed. The shift to survival mode began. How are we gonna provide? Where are we gonna call home? Are we ready for this? How do you be a parent? In the words of our 3 year old “Whats going on here”? We concluded that our current lives and ways of being at the time were not ideal for birthing and having kids. After all, what would we cut the umbilical cord with if we gave birth on a deserted island, with just coconut trees and sand, off the coast of Central America and how on earth would we ever find cloth diapers and baby bronners there.

We jumped into the mainstream for the first time in my adult life. Went back to school, got a stable job that allowed the wife and kids to raise each other, tried to buy a home and settle down ( 2 different homes in 2 different areas of the country), bought 2 new vehicles, subscribed to a TV service for the first time and put a TV in our living room (which had always been taboo in our previous lives) and scratched and clawed to not become a victim of the war on the middle class and to reap the rewards that was owed to us by sacrificing most of the freedoms we sought to protect in our previous existence.

The corporate net, woven and designed by few, and implemented by the governments of the world had wrapped around us tightly. At this time there are still many strings attached, but they are strings now and not a tightly knitted web. Space to move around freely and see other possibilities. Yes, we have a great responsibility to our kids and all of our safety. Part of that responsibility is to show them the world and all the different ways of being and living. The world is too interconnected now and to easy to view as a 3rd party through a screen. First hand experience, is the only truth that any of us really know. The point of these rantings and of this blog is to share the trials, tributes, defeats, and glory of this adventure with our loved ones and anyone else who is interested….but most importantly to have it documented for all the children of the world.

Back to the subject of this posting. For the Past four years, we had given up on our dreams and vision of our existence and focused and providing a safe and secure environment for our children. I believe that we had accomplished that goal and realized that we had lost a little of ourselves and the original vision had become very cloudy. Honestly, it was never my goal in life to work 12 hr shifts in an extremely stressed environment, have a new truck, live in the pictured American Dream house, and watch Sports Center more than I care to admit. My dream is to see the world, make life an adventure, continually learn and grow spiritually and intellectually (haven’t been focused on physical growth since adolescents and after 1/2 a decade of neglect I should probably throw that element in as well), and be the best husband and father that my abilities allow. Our families collective consciousness is focusing on living life to the fullest and for us that was hard to do within the confines of the “American Dream”. For us, there where too many distraction and limitations in that way of life. Not sure, if we have abandoned it indefinitely. But, we most likely will find a way to do it part-time, or hopefully even less than that. There are people and places that we love in America and will find time in the future to revisit. For now, join us on this quest and any ideas, comments, suggestions to this blog or to our emails if you would like it personal, will be happily received. We have never blogged before and I have read one maybe a half a dozen times in the past. Haven’t written any thing in years. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Oh, except for grammatical advice…I gave up on that in High School. You gotta know when to cut your losses.

Next time I will post on the logistics. How are we financing it, pinching pennies while seeing the world, visas, housing, utilities, traveling with kids, etc… Until then, please understand that this is a blog about our families life, ideals, beliefs, and values. In no way is this about throwing stones at people who are living and enjoying the life that I just described as undesirable for us. Until next time be well and merry

(I will sign in the spanish masculine form of dreamwrangler to help distinguish between who is posting what)

Making the leap.

Making the leap.


2 thoughts on “This Life is Preparation for the Next

  1. Hey there Keri, dreamwranglo and kiddos. I am somehow ‘friends’ with Keri on fb..I’m really not even sure how or if we’ve ever even met..but I always see happy sweet posts and so decided to check out this blog of your travels. I am a new mom myself, my lil bug is 4 months old. My sweetie and I are going through internally what seems to be the exact struggle that you two know so much about. So thank you for starting this blog. I look forward to reading about your families adventures and will be taking notes on how you are managing to pursue your families true nature. Namaste~ shannon

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