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Day Trippin in Delhi


We have arrived! After 24 hours, 3 plane rides, 2 hyper kids, and  2 exhausted parents later, we’ve landed in Delhi! We spent a day sleeping and recuperating and the following day, hit the town. We decided the best way to get the most out of our short stay in Delhi was to hire a driver and private car (the former non parent traveler in me is saying “you wimp, use public transport, hop on a rickshaw!”) but the mommy in me is saying, “totally not worth the hassle”. A little additional comfort goes a long way when exploring with littles. So for the bargain price of 20 usd we hired a private car and driver and were on our way.

First stop was the Lotus Temple. This temple is of Bahá’í Faith, the oneness of God, the Oneness of Religions, and the Oneness of Mankind.  Very peaceful, very special. We were able to arrive at this site around 9 am which allowed us to beat the intense heat that is Delhi in the summer months. We strolled through the gardens, had a moment of silence and gratitude inside the beautiful temple, and than were on or way to the next.   Beautiful gardens surrounding a magnificent temple shaped as the universal design of a lotus.  For my info http://www.bahaihouseofworship.in/


Following we went to the Dali Haat Market. Literally wanted to buy everything I walked by. Just amazing crafts, luxurious textiles, hand sewn tapestries, etc. We bought the kiddos a hand-carved wooden camel and elephant Ryah promptly named Spits and Ellie, to play with/chew on. Then somehow got haggeld into dressing Dan up in some Shek style clothing ( Im literally laughing to tears again just thinking about this!).


Next we made our way to the “magic carpets”. Now these are not just any ole rugs, they are handwoven/hand knotted works of art. We watched the process of how one of these beauties are made, and mulled over the purchase of a silk rug for a ridiculous amount of time while Ryah pretend flew around and Neko drooled and crawled all over these precious works of art. Luckily everyone in this part of the world seems to adore small children so they were quite forgiving of our rugrats. In the end we walked out the doors with funny pictures, great memories, and yes, a new rug.





6 thoughts on “Day Trippin in Delhi

  1. How awesome! looking forward to tracking your travels in India Kari!! Will be living vicariously through you!

  2. Have a great adventure!

  3. Righteous!! Enjoy, my friends!

  4. Wonder how long it takes to make them rugs ……. They look beautiful . ………. Enjoy and be safe 🙂

  5. The Jewel in the Lotus…….that looks Amazzzzing

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